Welcome to our little farm in the Sammamish Valley where we grow incredibly fresh produce for our friends and neighbors.

Blue Glass Farm was lovingly built to feed the North Shore community using sustainable agricultural practices.

We hope that someday we get to serve you!

Tyler holding a long bean plug
Basket of Cucumbers
Alex with an armload of basil

What We Grow

First and foremost we grow produce that we love and are proud of. We grew up eating amazing fruits and veggies fresh from the garden and strive to achieve those bursts of summer freshness in everything we grow.

We grow a balance of new unique varieties of produce that people already know and love and sprinkle in a mix of true novelties like jelly melons and huauzontle.

Where To Buy

We opened our online farmstand in 2023 where we sell our produce directly to customers. We like to think it's the best possible way to buy high-quality produce. Everything gets to ripen as long as possible because we wait until you order to harvest whenever possible. Nothing sweats in the sun all day at a market stand or stays in the cooler for days unnecessarily.

We also sell our produce to local restaurants and markets. If you are interested in buying whole produce from us be sure to reach out to get added to our fresh sheet distribution .

If you want to find our produce in the wild, we are on the menu at Krō Bär and sold in 21 Acres.

You can also see what we have going on by following us on Instagram

How We Grow

We started this farm because we saw a better way to farm where every party involved came out better. Our methods look decidedly oldschool due to the lack of heavy machinery but through careful design, ingenuity, and modern tools we are able to produce abundant produce at a fair price, on a small footprint, while showing the utmost respect for the natural resources we care for.

We use almost no fossil fuels on the farm, we follow all of the standards required of organic farms, and we use "no dig" practices that create great produce while maintaining the quality of our land for future generations.

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